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2022-10-24 2962

holiday fragments

happy holidays


the national day holiday is over

how did everyone spend it?

it is to see fireworks and mountains, rivers, lakes and seas in another place;

it is to enjoy the journey home and go to a warm home;

or meet friends and share happiness...



mountains and rivers ● beautiful scenery

people from all directions gathered in front of tian'anmen gate,

let's celebrate the 73rd birthday of the people's republic of china!

on the birthday of the motherland,

wish the motherland: magnificent rivers and mountains, prosperity!




come and punch in changsha,

my wife likes changsha very much!

i love tea!

crayfish! stinky tofu!

sugar and oil baba!



go to the seaside with your good friends,

both the sea and you have the super ability to cure bad moods!



i find the green mountains quiet,

don't listen to the troubles in the world.

the greatest benefit of travel,

i can't see many people,

i have seen such beautiful scenery,

it's walking,

i suddenly knew myself again.



the mirror like lake,

the smoke waves rippled the reflection of the white tower,

rowing on the boat,

it's not pleasant.



sports ● talent


running in the wind,

it is the beginning of loving life.



life ● daily

i fell asleep on the way home,

my dream is full of my mother's food,

the family sat together for dinner,

there is a smell of fireworks hidden in the food,

it is the simplest happiness.




looking at the clouds outside the window,

it's so comfortable,

like the wind,

slowly floated into my heart.




the rice cutting experience activity of rural happiness started,

no 998, no 298,

as long as 98, you can experience cutting rice by hand,

only 98 yuan until you don't want to.

the land is limited. first come, first cut. after cutting, you will have to wait another year.




this little guy is my best friend,

you blink your eyes,

i became a little star and fell into my heart.



"thank you for your special invitation to witness your love"

congratulations on your marriage to love,

my fairy deserves the best happiness in the world



responsible ● earnest

we should go all out to do everything,

even if it's a vacation,

we should also provide customers with quality services,

keshida people have been working hard!



during the national day holiday,

the life of kashida people is colorful

whether you are traveling or staying at home,

as long as it is happy and meaningful,

just live up to this holiday!