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2022-10-20 2594

on the evening of march 31, 2022, the 182 day dubai world expo ended in a grand closing ceremony performance. dubai world expo is the first world expo held by arab countries. 192 countries from all over the world come together to show examples of innovation and cooperation from all over the world under the theme of "communicating ideas and creating the future". the number of visitors has exceeded 20 million.


△ dubai world expo


360 ° immersive experience

at the dubai world expo, kasida provided the muslim league hall with an immersive large screen application solution, using kommander f2 server to drive the largest indoor high-definition immersive interactive large screen in the industry. integrate the structural design of the venue to create an immersive display space. many special-shaped screens are installed in the entire venue. the kommander f2 server realizes that the screen shape driven by each output port is not limited by the rectangular output of the output port through the segmentation and reorganization function of the output port, which not only makes the connection of complex display screens simple, but also avoids the sub-pixel level dislocation when splicing images, bringing better visual experience to visitors to the world expo.


△ pictures of the scene in the muslim league museum


at the same time, the muslim league pavilion uses kapollo cloud central control system to switch scenarios with one click, and distributes pre configured protocol commands through mobile tablets to complete remote centralized management and control of multiple large screens in the venue. visitors can enjoy the profound cultural history of muslims.


dubai world expo is not only an international cultural event, but also an exhibition of scientific and technological achievements. keystar will continue to strive to achieve a more comprehensive immersive presentation effect, so that more audiences can fully appreciate the charm of the integration of modern technology and humanities, culture and art, and show the comprehensive strength of domestic broadcast control.

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