four fold care, making unmanned scenes as stable as rocks

• wireless connection guard

• software/hardware watchdog

• in some harsh environments, strong interference and other factors can cause programs to fly and the system to crash. in the absence of human intervention, if the software watchdog cannot solve the problem, the hardware watchdog will play a role. the combination of software and hardware can solve 98% of anomalies and automatically restore the system to normal working conditions.

• re powered care - original design



integrate 12 hub-75e


kpb12 is a product that integrates media player and full-color led receiving card. the single card integrates 12 hub-75e interfaces, which can directly drive 200,000-pixel led display with loading. the maximum width is 16384, and the maximum is 8192.



can be used with receiving card


kpb12 can drive kystar series receiving cards, and realize the loading of 600,000-pixel led display at most.


high-performance multi-screen playback


kpb12 is equipped with a powerful processing chip, built-in 8gb storage space (supports usb expansion), and can play videos, pictures, and audio files in various formats smoothly.

kpb12 has a powerful multi-screen playback capability, and can support up to 5 high-definition videos to play at the same time.

professional program editing and play


kpb12 can edit programs through the kystar pe media editing software on the pc side. kystar pe has professional video optimization and program arrangement capabilities, and can cope with complex playback requirements; at the same time, kpb12 can also conduct instant program editing through the mobile app "pandora box". wireless connection, convenient and fast.



various communication methods


users can use a variety of ways to communicate with kpb12, including program update through u disk, wired communication using network cable, short-distance wireless communication using wifi, long-distance wireless communication using 4g (optional) network, etc.

integrated multi-function control interface


kbp12 integrates multi-channel expansion interfaces, which can be connected to brightness and temperature sensors to realize automatic response of the screen according to the environment; at the same time, kbp12 is equipped with a standard 1-channel relay control module (can be expanded to 3-channel) to realize power management functions.



kares cloud play and control system


kpb12 can be connected to cloud-based cluster broadcast control system. kpb12 distributed in different locations can access kares play and control system through lan or internet to realize cluster display control.



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